My favorite collaborators, Cat & Rory, do not have web pages. But I'll probably talk about them a lot, so watch out.  Here're their basics:

  • Cat: writer/actor/director/PhD student who helps me make movies and stuff. Currently, if I've labeled something 'Fantastic Bayou Productions' that means I made it with Cat.
  • Rory: VP in charge of getting shit done. That's her title. Rory is a writer, and is generally a handy person. She is also getting a PhD.

People who DO have web pages!:

  • Wit's End Puppets - A puppet company in D.C., headed in part by my good friend Cecilia Cackley. Sometimes they let me do design work or draw art for them! 
  • Sarah Rosenkrantz - Sarah is an actress, filmmaker, dancer, musician and artist, and we collaborate on many things.
  • Verity - A queen of fanfiction and tumblr, and a friend of mine in real life. Someday she will write me a Regency werewolf movie, and I have promised to film it.
  • Monica Engesser - Actress/model/friend/lovely person. We make stuff together sometimes. 
  • Nicole Portley Music - Composer and musician. Good friend who lets me use her music in some of my films. Natural philosopher and salmon expert.
  • Grace Camblos Media - Grace is awesome. She lives in NC, and does a lot of oral history work, through biography, photography and videography.
  • Christopher Gegenheimer Photography - Chris is absurdly well traveled and takes great photographs. He is also an excellent human being, and I miss him.
  •  Red Shoes, Funny Shirt - My friend Megan is an Episcopal priest. She's also very funny. Add in some knitting and social justice stuff, that's basically her whole deal. 
  • Bread and Bread - Cheryl's a writer. More importantly (to me), she RUNS MY BOOK CLUB, and is excellent at it. This link is to her blog, which is lovely.